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Business Studies CBSE Class 12th Whole Course

AceTute brings you an intellectual fusion of the British and Indian Educational System to maximise your success in your Business Studies Class 12th exam. 1-to-1 online tutorials with highly qualified tutors allow you to acquire new knowledge at your own pace and also to revise key topics. You can purchase tutorials for the whole syllabus or purchase tutorials, section/unit wise, the choice is yours!

How Does This Course Work?
This course will consist of 21, in-depth, one-to-one tutorials.
•At the beginning of the tutorial, your tutor will work closely with you to devise a personalised learning plan, aiming to address any gaps in knowledge and strengthen your academic skills in the process.
•To ensure maximum flexibility, you do not have to study the course units sequentially. Instead, you can opt to study them in a different order to the one we have outlined below.
•You will also be able to improve your exam performance and consolidate what you have learnt by doing practice questions with the support of your tutor.
•If you are interested in having some additional revision tutorials with one of our tutors, please take a look at the revision package for this course.

The 21 tutorials for this course will focus on:

Part A: Principle and Functions of Management
• Discuss the concept of management, explaining the meaning of ‘Effectiveness and Efficiency’, examine the objectives of management, and the importance of management 1 tutorial
• Examine the nature of management as a science, art, and profession, understanding the role of top, middle, and lower levels of management, and explaining the functions of management – planning, organising, staffing, directing, and controlling 1 tutorial
• Clearly explain the concept, characteristics, and importance of coordination, stating the concept & significance of the principles of management, explaining the principles of ‘Scientific Management’, and comparing the contributions of Fayol, and Taylor 2 tutorials
• State the concept & importance of the ‘Business Environment’, describing the various dimensions thereof, and the concept of demonetization. Examine the impact of government policy changes on business in India with reference to liberalisation, privatisation, and globalisation since 1991, discussing managerial response to these 1 tutorial
• Understand the concept of planning, and its limitations, identify its importance, and the steps in the process of planning. Describe objectives, policies, strategies, procedure, method, rule, budget and programme as types of plans, with reference to single use, and standing plans 1 tutorial
• Understand the concept & importance of organising, describing the steps in the process, and the divisional & functional structures of organisations. Explain the advantage, disadvantages, and suitability of each, understanding the concept of formal and informal organisations 1 tutorial
• Describe and understand the elements and concept of delegation, appreciating their importance. Likewise with the concepts of decentralisation and delegation, differentiating between the two 1 tutorial
• Understand the concept and importance of staffing, as related to the HRM activities, describing the steps in the staffing process. Clearly state the meaning of recruitment, discussing the sources thereof, and the merits/demerits of internal & external sources 1 tutorial
• Understand the concept of training & development, appreciating its importance both to the organisation and its employees, with particular reference to training. Differentiate between training, and development, discussing both on-the-job, and off-the-job methods of training 1 tutorial
• Describe the concept & importance of directing, understanding motivation through analysing Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and discuss the various financial and non-financial incentives. Understand the concept & styles of leadership, the concept & elements of communication, discuss formal & informal types thereof, and the barriers to effective communication and how these may be overcome 2 tutorials
• Understand & explain the concept of control, and its importance, describe the relationship between planning and controlling, discussing the steps in the process of controlling 1 tutorial

Part B: Business Finance and Marketing
• Writing a 100-150 word article stating the concept, role & objectives of financial management, identifying the meaning & factors affecting financial decisions, and the concept & importance of financial planning 1 tutorial
• Writing a 200-250 word article focusing on the concept of capital structure, describing the factors determining the choice of such, stating the concept of fixed & working capital, and the factors determining the requirements thereof 1 tutorial
• Understanding the concept & functions of the financial and money markets, appreciating capital market and money market as types thereof, and describing the various money market instruments 1 tutorial
• Discuss & explain the concept of the capital market and its types (primary and secondary), distinguishing between the two, and identify the methods of floating new issues in the primary market 1 tutorial
• Understand the meaning of a stock exchange, explain its functions & trading procedures, stating the objectives & functions of the Securities & Exchange Board of India (SEBI) 1 tutorial
• Develop an understanding of the concept, functions, and philosophies of marketing, discuss the marketing mix and elements thereof, and identify and appreciate the roles played by each 1 tutorial
• Develop an understanding of the concept & importance of consumer protection, appreciate the impact of the Consumer Protection Act 1986, and describe the role of consumer organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in protecting consumers’ interests 1 tutorial

Section C: Project Work
• Project Work 1 tutorial

Duration: 45 Minutes (per tutorial)

Course Inclusions

Acetute Test Series

  • 500+ High Level Questions On Important Topics
  • Practice Units / Syllabus With Special Tests

Recoding & Class Notes

  • Recorded Videos Available 24 x 7
  • Get Access To Tutor’s Notes & Slides

Doubts Resolved By Experts

  • Solve unlimited doubts with experts
  • Get your doubts resoved real - time

Course Features

  • 1-to-1 Online Tutorials
  • Learn New Knowledge At Your Own Pace
  • You Can Purchase Tutorials For The Whole Syllabus Or For A Section/Unit

Duration – 21 tutorials

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AceTute brings you an intellectual fusion of the British and Indian Education System, striving to make sure you
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