Spoken English

The aim of these tutorials is to build up the student’s confidence in speaking Business English. You will be introduced to modern, highly relevant vocabulary and business phrases and be given the confidence to deploy them. The structure of the ten tutorials is set out below but you can ask your tutor to focus on particular topics, should you so wish

The syllabus comprises a total of 10, in-depth, 1-to-1 tutorials.

How this course works

The syllabus constitutes a detailed and intricate format of a total of 10, in-depth, one-on-one tutorials.
A sample syllabus is outlined below, but you can adapt the topics if you wish.

• Tutorial 1: Business Vocabulary
• Tutorial 2: Communication Skills for Business Students
• Tutorial 3: Hard Skills and Soft Skills
• Tutorial 4: Preparing the CV
• Tutorial 5: Business Idioms
• Tutorial 6: Industry Specific Vocabulary
• Tutorial 7: Interview Questions
• Tutorial 8: Interview Tips
• Tutorial 9: Business Trips
• Tutorial 10: Business Opportunities and Where to Find Them

AceTute Course Features

  • 1-to-1 Online Tutorials
  • Learn New Knowledge At Your Own Pace
  • You Can Purchase a Single Spoken English Tutorial, or a Course of 10

10 tutorial 45 Mins Per Tutorial

£500£250* *Discount Applied