Spoken English

These tutorials aim to give the student’s confidence in holding conversations in English. The tutor will establish your level at the beginning and take you through a range of topics to improve your vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure, providing you with fun and enjoyment in speaking English!

How this course works

The syllabus constitutes a detailed and intricate format of a total of 10, in-depth, 1-to-1 tutorials.

A sample syllabus is outlined below, but you can adapt the topics if you wish.

• Tutorial 1: Introduction – Questions and Answers
• Tutorial 2: Food and Restaurants
• Tutorial 3: Festivals, Celebrations and Parties
• Tutorial 4: Work
• Tutorial 5: Shopping
• Tutorial 6: Transport
• Tutorial 7: The Art of Conversation
• Tutorial 8: Computers
• Tutorial 9: Free Time and Hobbies
• Tutorial 10: Gifts

AceTute Course Features

  • 1-to-1 Online Tutorials
  • Learn New Knowledge At Your Own Pace
  • You Can Purchase a Single Spoken English Tutorial, or a Course of 10

10 tutorial 45 Mins Per Tutorial

£500£250* *Discount Applied