‘I was very fortunate to study not just one degree, but two at Oxford University. I was part the first ever year group to read for the new degree of ‘English and Modern Languages’.

I spent three years at St Peter’s College and then stayed on for a further four years to read for a Doctorate in English Literature, known as a DPhil.

There was so much I loved at Oxford – the beautiful buildings, the Bodleian Library, the drama I enjoyed, the football I played, the new friends, the brilliant minds.

But looking back now, having been the Head of the School of English and a Pro-Vice-Chancellor at the University of Sheffield, as well as the Vice-Chancellor of DMU, the very best thing about Oxford was the tutorial system.

I was so fortunate to have a weekly 1-2-1 session with my tutor where I had time to focus on my studies, resolve any doubts I had and enhance my exam success.

And this is why I have founded AceTute.

I want our students to have the same experience of learning with a single academic expert, helping them understand aspects of the syllabus they have been confused about, improving their chances of getting the very best exam results and giving them an online experience that has been specially tailored for their needs.

And this is why our tutors are the very best teachers and academics.

They all have a British degree, they are all committed to keeping our parents informed of their child’s progress and they are all aware of the importance of ensuring the wellbeing of our students.

The pandemic has affected us in so many different ways, but at AceTute we believe we can keep our students’ education on track, so they can still learn, believe and achieve.

So, to discover more, you can book a FREE Academic Consultation here or simply go onto our website and buy 1-2-1 tutorials.

It is my personal hope that your child will feel as stimulated by our tutorials as I felt inspired by those I attended at Oxford – and I thank you for your interest in AceTute.